CAT 2007

So, am sitting on the other side of Nov 18th and like every year after D-Day, I am not happy. I am over and done with it. The annual fest we call CAT is through for me and I have planned to call it quits. With a whole baggage of pretty ugly realizations. The thing is if I plan for CAT again next year, ie 2008, if at all I get through, I'd be able to get admissions in 2009, and well pass out in 2011. Just don't want to pass out in the next decade. That sounds awful. So awful! Anyway, it is my fault that I didn't take it that seriously.So what's next? GMAT! GMAT! GMAT! The GMAT blog is on and shall be a regular post on this blog.

Wish me luck my fellas! I beg of you.