Its an end for the"Fro Patro" . Just a week after we saw the banners of " Bringing Chubby Back" , we now bid farewell to Chris Sligh, one of my favourites this season. The journey ends here for him and Daughtry's "Home" plays for the 28 year old curley haired, whose humour and great personality has been one of the highlights of AI this season, not to forget his experimental song choices and renditions and brilliant vocals. It is sad though, that a bad week can send a contestant home, when a string of lousy performances and Diana Ross' Hairdos can make other people stay in the competition. Unlike Simon, my opinion is " It is NOT a singing competition". Of course, if Sundance could get eleminated, why not Sligh?
Sanjaya, are you listening? Well, at the beginning of the season, and well earlier in my blog too, predicitions were that Sligh would be one of the finalists.With Sligh out of the race, its a fight between, Kiki( Lakisha), Melinda(DooLittle) and Jordin , may be with a little push from the side of Blake, the only potential Guy Singer this season. AI never seemed so dull.
But then, even if Seacrest says,"the journey ends for you here", Half Past Forever plays on, and with the band having got the much required Publicity, thanks to Idol, I really hope , Chris Sligh becomes the Daughtry of this season.

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