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This is the life of a perfect loser.
he doesnt even know what he's here for
he's under pressure coz he has to do
what others expect him to

but he aint smart he thinks alot
and askes himself what he wants
but he'll never know the answer
he'll never know what he's after

he's weak and stupid
coz no-one else seems to be interested
every1 seems to have a plan
they all know what they want

and misery loves company
but hes miserable and alone
she pretends to understand
but really doesnt give a damn

its only good when nothing is said and done
and he free to run
and im too small and weak
and chances of my survival are bleak

people judge me and prophecise
about my future coz they are wise
they make mework coz they have to show
they aint losers they always know

and i hate my life
but i cant die
i have a fear
what if they are right.

please dont screw me anymore
i hate crying now that ive grown
sharp headaches and self restraint
are too much for me to control

i understand madmen
and think others are wierd
maybe its me
and my sorrow that i aint free

and theres nowhere i can go
and i cant be a recluse
i am their investment
thats my biggest resentment

now these tears i cant hold
maybe ive been a bit too bold
love and emotion seem dumb excuses
evrything is loved for its usage.

and i'm as useless as they come
maybe some1 will love me for bein dumb
till then im dead inside
like a corpse in this world i reside.

Please help me
give me a simple life
thought it has to be my mistake
but blaming others is easier and better

i have lost
i'll be what you want me to
i thought i was brave
but i was just naive

why dos this voice inside say i cant change
sentencing me to a lifetime of misery
maybe its right
help me i cant even think straight.

Mehul Singh

Originally scripted by--criticroshan.blogspot.com


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I Can't Remember Anything
Can't Tell If this Is True or Dream
Deep down Inside I Feel to Scream
this Terrible Silence Stops Me
Now That the War Is Through with Me
I'm Waking up I Can Not See
That There Is Not Much Left of Me
Nothing Is Real but Pain Now

Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death
Oh Please God,wake Me

Back in the Womb its Much Too Real
in Pumps Life That I must Feel
but Can't Look Forward to Reveal
Look to the Time When I'll Live
Fed Through the Tube That Sticks in Me
Just like a Wartime Novelty
Tied to Machines That Make Me Be
Cut this Life off from Me

Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death
Oh Please God,wake Me

Now the World Is Gone I'm Just One
Oh God,help Me
Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death
Oh Please God Help Me

Darkness Imprisoning Me All That I See
Absolute Horror I Cannot Live I Cannot Die
Trapped in Myself Body My Holding Cell

Landmine Has Taken My Sight
Taken My Speech Taken My Hearing Taken My Arms
Taken My Legs Taken My Soul Left Me with Life in Hell



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Probably the best song by Metallica,
The song talks about the protagonist of the book "Johnny Got His Gun", by Dalton Trumbo.
The book was was published in 1939 and tells the story of a young, American soldier Joe Bonham, injured grievously on the last day of WWI. He loses his sight, speech & hearing and undergoes a quadruple amputation (both legs and arms). As a result, he literally becomes a vegetable,an animate object, alive, but unable to understand it. The people at the hospital where he's kept cannot communicate with him in any possible way, and he with them.
The story is told from his perspective - he does not know what's happened to him, does not know where he is, even whether or not he's alive or dead - the only part of him still functioning properly, his brain, keeps trying to make sense of it all.Remember the song lyrics??I can’t remember anything
Can’t tell if this is true or dream
Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stops me
Now that the war is through with me
I’m waking up I cannot see
That there is not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now...
The video has clippings from the movie of the same name (and based on the book), which was released in 1971...at the height of the Vietnam War.
The screenplay was written by Dalton Trumbo himself.
I liked the song instantly when I heard it first. Later, I saw the video and it aroused my curiosity. And then when I discovered the facts, I was totally blown away...

The song marks the arriving of the band Metallica to become the Metal Loprds that they are..
The song with intense vocals by James Hetfield, brilliant guitar solo by Kirk Hammett, but the thing that stands out the most is Mr. Lars Ulrich's drums beating harder, faster ..seems like all hell has broken loose..when Hetfield screams out "Darkness imprisoning me...."..its metal at its best


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Why Tathastu U say?Bcoz, its my blog(Reason I). I dont want to be rude, but hey its my space, so please don't argue with me upon this. Reason II--I have grown on an overdose of BR Chopra's Mahabharata and Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, and so yes, Televised Hindu Mythological Influences, you may say.Reason-III--the most important of the lot, I see in this one word, the essence of life, my life, your life and everyone's life--to get my desires and wishes fulfilled.
For all u who don't know what it means,and are tired of 'googling', 'Tathastu' is a Sanskrit word which means,'It shall be so, as you hope/wish'
We all dream, don't we?Some of us in our sleep, some of us with our eyes open.Well I do dream at both the times.But my dreams in my sleeps are preoccupied with stuff that I don't want to discuss about.So, I'll rather discuss about those which I dream with my eyes open,which is aptly termed day-dreaming.
But hey, once I start discussing about stuff like these, I wont b a personal person. I would have opened all Pandora's boxes for me. So, I'd rather stay silent, and stay happy, that my First Blog titled 'Tathastu' is my 'Vardaan'.
Yes, I can be very painfully confusing. Heck, that's the way I am.


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