With only 24 hours left to Nov 18th 2007,10 am,IST, ie D-Day,Holocaust, or as we know the annual festival of CAT, which I'm appearing for the umpteenth time, all my hopes seem to go down the municipality drain. For one, I'm not studying any formulas now, and am busy blogging. This is simply put,ridiculous. I can really imagine,how 150,000-200,000 Indian brains(speculative figure) right now are pondering over their small compendium that they might have constructed by now with some quick reference notes which might consist of divisibility rules, important square roots, reciprocals, numbers and well, frequented words from Barron's. But hardly do they know that only only a mere 10% of them are going to get their buttocks on the seats they want to.The rest 90%, are either coming back next year, as every year that I do, or probably if they are a Software Engineer,ask their managers to send them onsite(ie abroad,which in most cases is US,UK), or well perhaps settle down for other options like joining some other B-School rated lower in the (B-School)list. For me, well, after almost lots and lots of introspection and turbulent brainstorming and soul-searching, I have finally decided to give GMAT a shot(which I had previously planned to appear in October).
To quote Freddie Mercury:
.....This time I think it's for real,
....I want to Break Free
And well this series of post which will bugging the blogosphere from this mad author, will be the chronicles of his GMAT preps, his techniques, his test results, and well, success/failure rates, etc.etc.etc. WISH ME LUCK. Fingers Crossed.

I have decided to write GMAT in January last week.

Pic Courtesy:juicedus