Chaotic dynamics
Sensitivity to initial conditions means that two points in such a system may move in vastly different trajectories in their phase space even if the difference in their initial configurations is very small. The systems behave identically only if their initial configurations are exactly the same.
Sensitivity to initial conditions is popularly known as the "butterfly effect", suggesting that the flapping of a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere, which could over time cause a tornado to occur. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different.

Switch over to India , circa 30th May 2006. India surrounded by the Chaos of the Reservation Uproar, the Chaos of Crashing Markets, Chaos of Militant attacks in the North,North-East and the South tormented by Nature's tremors. What is it with India and Chaos? Was it all caused by some butterfly? As Dylan would say it,"The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...."
Arjun Fucking Singh...I just do not want to censor out my words, not for this man.Wish I could write beautiful abuses , ones which you find or probably listen at the New York Street Fights, or ...forget it..we all know who he is, and what kind of a death is he marching towards..Who the Fuck is he to decide the fate of the millions of us..Yes, we did elect him to get to the chair on which he is resting his arse' upon, but does that give him enough justification to do what he is upto ...Post Reservation, the scene would look somewhat like 50.9% for the General. Doesn't this look like some kind of reservation. Talented, deserving people would definitely flock to foreign universities and stay happy earning dollars on foreign soil, and those who cannot afford to do that, end up somewhere where they do not belong. On one hand, the government spends millions in organising the Pravasi Divas with Sharukh Khan shaking hips to Bollywood Tunes, and on the other hand, the same government promotes Brain Drain. Last heard, the governement appealed Laxmi Mittal to come back to India. Give me one good reason why he should after all this has happened.And to end it all, the Government is all set to pass the bill, and then to me and you, it will be a law. Coming up next is the Reservation in the Private Sector.I kid you not. All in the name of democracy my friend.

Next in the offering, the Narmada Andolan Uproar which has taken an all new twist similar to a Manmohan Desai flick. Aamir Khan adjudged as unjustified and guilty for voicing out his opinions and public display of support to the Narmada Bachao Andolan. As a result, Rang de Basanti stripped off from the theatres, and Fanaa banned in Gujrat. Wonderful news is what I say. Today , in a world when news is fabricated, this seems like some delicious apple pie journalists across all channels would love to gulp down.I mean, if Aamir Khan decides one day that whatever is happening out there is wrong and wants to support it, who the hell are these petty organisations to control or I say censor his views. Screw 'em. Over and above, the Media in its pursuit to sensationalise things( as usual) , is trying hard to relate this very issue with the Coke issue of pesticide or no pesticide. Aamir Khan is being questioned whether he would be continuing to endorse Coke or not. To this Aamir replied that , he is in talks with the Coke people personally and is asking for explanations, and if he finds that the allegations are found out to be true, he would quit endorsing Coke.Poor guy, he asked for it. The Indian Media spares none. Not even Mr.Arjun Singh.
Well again coming back to the reservation issue, everyone was a witness to the televised version of Kaavya Viswanathan's next novel (inspired froma true interview , not from famous bestsellers) titled, How Arjun Singh Got Kicked,Got Screwed and Got a NationWide Thrashing Live on National Television.If you still didn't get it, I am talking about the recent interview ( was it, I think Karan Thapar waited for this) of the Minister of HRD in "Devil's Advocate". Excerpts are given in the following link.
Devil's Advocate Interview

I just loved that.
Hmm, what else has been chaotic? Aaah..Da Vinci Code. This time India did not remain an exception. Well, almost. The I&B ministry had to demand for a special screening just to defer the national release date to a week later than the World Wide Release date. The movie is now banned in Goa and Punjab. Why in Punjab, I am the wrong person to ask to.And well, Why at the first place the I&B ministry decided to poke its nose, when it finally left the decision in the hands of the Censor Board,even when the movie was passed by the CBFC? Well, probably because it did not go for the advanced booking of the tickets and hence could not arrange for the tickets for his friends and family.I mean, it was just plain simple ridiculous to find out that of all the places inthe world, India was the first place where the movie was on the verge of getting banned, even when it was being screened in countries like US,UK where Christianity is definitely not a minority, and also in Rome, where the Pope himself resides.I would like to qoute here what a priest had said himself in an interview to NDTV, that a movie or a simple fictional idea cannot shake the basis of a religion and belief so old and followed by billions.

Well, keep watching this space, will be back with more