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News 24X7

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Whatever, wherever, whenever..seriously, that is what I consider the condition of News Television in India.News is never being reported nowadays, its made, fabricated and produced.Gone are the days when the news meant a report of the 'important' events that happened nationally,or internationally.Today, news has got a serious lesson from its step-brother, the entertainment industry.News today is nothing less treated as Entertainment.With Page 3 parties, to Sting operations being the flavour of the Season, what more could you expect.

With a plethora of players jumping into this segment, the Indian News Channel business has been dumbing down more and more, and right when you think it can't get dumber than this, they just keep surprising you with more and even more dumber tactics of dumbing down the serious business of News,making new limits of getting dumber every time and breaking them the next time.

It all started with the fight over being the first News Channel of India, the controversy still persists, whether its Zee News(then Zee India TV which itself was EL TV prior to that) or STAR News(then headed by the Creative team of Prannoy Roy at NDTV).Nevertheless, things were still going great until the emergence of yet another player in the arena , TV Today's Aaj Tak.It had already carved its niche in the market with its Exit Poll shows and Morning Programming on Doordarshan .Aaj Tak's entry in the news market just in simple terms revolutionised the waynews got marketed.From picking up local advertisers on , to broadcasting each and every happening in a street near you, News television was about to conquer not only our lives, but also of those who lived in celluloid.
Star News came back in a new only Hindi Avatar, when its partnership with NDTV ended, the latter producing its own news channels,NDTV 24x7 and NDTV India(and NDTV Profit).News Programming however also witnessed certain big achievements like NDTV's Big Fight(hosted by Rajdeep Sardesai, who now is with some other News Channel).
The point is if we start counting the number of NEWS channels which are there ,if you can really count them, it would be the breaking news of the day.Last heard, CNBC TV-18 has its business channel bouquet expanded from just being Englih, to a Hindi Business Channel called Aawaz, SAB group has its own Janmat(which I do not know can be considered as a News Channel), Rajat Sharma(of Aapki Adalat fame and bad hair day infame) has India TV along with Tarun 'Tehelka" Tejpal, Channel-7,Zee's Business News Channel, and of course the innumerable breed of Sahara's Zonal news channels, ABP and Star's Star Ananda, to name of a few(very few).So, if there are so many in the list, what do they show.Everything and anything.From Sting operations conducted by hiddden-cams exposing not to be seen images of " wanna-be"s and starlets, to making Crime Night fighting a half an hour adult show(the credit though goes to Shoaib Illiyasi's India's Most Wanted).You get it all, plus you get your daily news too, may be sometimes.News is no News anymore.Its Reality TV.And if the West thinks, they have pushed the limits of Reality TV with their shows like Fear Factor, Survivor or even the channel Reality TV, think again.You should some time watch these Indian News Channels.You get a taste of the Spicy Indian Daily Life happening at a gully near you, all spiced up, just for you.

Until then,keep glued to your TV sets, throw that remote away, and grab your POPkorn,because NEWS is entertaining.


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Rahul Dev Burman, the legend

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Each and every word or phrase written in his praise falls short..Because he is the papa of all Music Directorson the face of the Indian Music Industry...Because he is the reason why today's "music directors" wanted to be it,.. Because the entire Remix industry exists because of his yesteryear's hits..Because it is for his albums that DJs and retro nights exist..Because he can make asha Bhonsle sound the best,whether it is a ghazal, hindustani classical song, cabaret,or simply bollywood...Because he is Pancham, RDX, Rahul Dev Burman..

To the Baap of Bollywood Music..this is my heartfelt "paay-laagu" or "pairi-pona" of sorts.Because I am so small to talk of his genius.But that is not going to make me stop writing this blog about him.Because I have grown up on his music, totally breathed it ,had literally lived on it till today, and I am sure will, till I die.
We all remember the song "Boss Kaun hai" from Jhankar Beats directed by Sujoy Ghosh(I do take pride that another guy by my name is out there making movies,hah ha).So to start it, lets enjoy this entire musical journey from the beginning.

Rahul Dev Burman was born on 27 June 1939.Story goes that when veteran Ashok Kumar saw Sachin Dev Burman's newborn uttering the syllable 'Pa' repeatedly, he nicknamed him Pancham. And the name stuck. To many, he's still Pancham Da.To me he is Boss(yeah U can say Jhankaar Beats influences.)To him, music came easy and early. He learnt to play the Sarod from the legendary Ustad Ali Akbar Khan at very young age, one of his many instruments in which he mastered.At 9 years, came his first composition, 'Aye Meri Topi Palat Ke Aa..', which was later used for the film Funtoosh and the very next year, his father borrowed the tune of 'Sar Jo Tera Chakraye..' for the Guru Dutt film Pyaasa. The first film for which R.D.Burman scored music for was Mehmoood's "Chote Nawab" in 1961 and the first song in the film was to be recorded was by Lata Mangeshkar. The film marked the reconciliation between S. D. Burman and Lata Mangeshkar who had stopped recording together six years ago.

R.D. Burman had scored music for many a films, including "Bhoot Bangla" in whch he co-starred Mehmood.The film also featured the song "Aao twist karein" which reflected the Elvis revolution that was taking the world by storm then.But, the title of R.D. Burman's first Hit score would definitely go to "Teesri Manzil"(1966), featuring the evergreen , repeatedly remixed hits "O Haseena Zulfowali", "O mere Sona re", and unforgettable intoxicating "Aaja Aaja..main hu pyaar tera ". Vijay Anand can be credited with bringing about R D Burman's first big break. He arranged a music session for the youngster before Nasir Hussain commenced the production of Tesri Manzil. Shammi Kapoor, who heard RD's tunes, is said to have screamed 'Yahoo' in sheer appreciation while Nasir Hussain signed R.D. Burman for six of his forthcoming films.After Teesri Manzil, it wasn't looking back anymore.Followed hits like Padosan,Kati Patang,Pyar ka Mausam,Amar Prem , Caravan,Hare Rama Hare Krishna,Parichay, Jawaani Deewani,Namak Haraam, Yaadon Ki Baarat, Aandhi..the list is endless and the music ..Immortal.

R D Burman's constant efforts to break musical typecast and explore new possibilities came through in the music that he made. Be it the poignant tunes of Kati Patang, the love songs of Pyar Ka Mausam, the fun numbers from Padosan or the soulful melodies of Amar Prem, Pancham had done them all. While making music was his profession, singing always remained R D's passion. He sang occasionally and when he did, it was never went unnoticed. Though he did as much justice to serious tunes as he did to the light numbers that he sang, the groovier tunes always gained more popularity. Though Asha Bhosle is remembered for the legendary cabaret 'Piya Tu Ab To Aaja..', the wild cry of 'Monica O My Darling' belongs to R D Burman. together with RD. The composer also sang the sizzling 'Mehbooba Mehbooba..' for Sholay picturised on Helen and Jalal Agha. He however, did not record too many duets with Asha Bhosle who was by then the love interest of his life too. The high-pitched, outlandish 'Duniya Mein Logon Ko Dhoka Kabhi Ho Jaata Hai..', is one of their best remembered duets. No one can doubt the vibe that oozed out with his musical ventures Asha and Kishore.

And yes, who doesn't remember the experiments that he did with his compositions,..be it the clinging of glasses in "Churaliya hai tumne jo dil ko ", or the only-bass rythmn in "Tere Bina jeeya jaaye naa".Take his classical based compositions, Piya Bawari(Khubsoorat), Beeti Na Beetaiyee(Parichay) and we find ourselves immersed in his music and feel so amazed whether it is the same man who brought us the Qawwalis of Hum kisi se kam nahi,or the truly Bollywood isshtyle Romantic numbers of Love Story.Towards the mid-80s though, Panchamda was going through a rough patch as his films were bombing at the Box-Office.Bappi Lahiri and the Disco age had overtaken him and R.D's producers just disappeared. It was very unfortunate for us that during the nineties, when Indian Music was going throught the stupid Pop-Disco Wave and MTV had just entered our lives, R.D.Burman had not many compositions then.He was last heard in Ijaazat (1987), after huge hits like Saagar,Betaab and Masoom in the 1980's.And Parinda in 1989 also provided the everlasting hit..Tumse Milke.

Fortunately for us, Vidhu Vinod Chopra approached Panchamda for his ambitious 1942-A Love Story.And rest as they say, is history.The music today is considered as his "Swan Song", as Panchamda left for his heavenly abode on Jan 4, 1994. He wasnt there to recieve his last Filmfare award for the film's music.

From his expertise in Hindustani Classical and Indian Ragas to a keen interest and influence at times of american Jazz and Rock n' Roll, RD's musical interests stretched from 'ear' to eternity.It was R.D. Burman who really brought the groove into Hindi Film Music, ushering in the era of electronic rock and providing Hindi film Music with a whole new 'happening' sound. His hip and energetic youthful compositions proved extremely popular from the late 1960s till the early to mid-1980s providing much of the music that defines today's Bollywood.

Stand up and Salute to the Master, the Baap, the Boss...Rahul Dev Burman!!


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