I went to watch Rang de Basanti..because I had to..because I could not afford to miss it at any cost.It wasn't actually a good day for me because it was a Saturday and I was working.I had been sulking about my job the whole day and hence thought to end the day on a good note. Me and my friend planned to go watch the movie at Adlabs , which is a decent 9-10 kms from my place. Anyways, we booked the tickets and we got em.Reached there quite early..but the movie wasnt to start at its scheduled 10:45 pm. Instead, the doors opened at 11pm. Still pissed off with the day, we moved in. As we were getting cozy, we saw the entire hall was filled with Uncles,Aunties, and lads our age who would whistle at every drop of a hat.And then, the reels started rolling, but hey that's a trailer...of Krrish( hope I'm spelling it right). That's Hrithik's latest Flick from Papa Roshan's house hitting theatres soon. The trailer is sleek, and the special effects seem good..But is it gonna be good enuff well gotta wait n watch..okay okay I almost got carried away..What did you think this was a movie review..If you came here for the review..click the link http://www.itsmagnumopus.blogspot.com for my review of the movie Rang de Basanti..Till then ..peace