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Campus Rock Idols '07

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Its been long overdue, I know, only if I hadn't been busy with all the shit(m@#$F...u fill the rest).Anyways, CRI this year was ok ok types, a bit Thakela at times, a few good bands , some really pathetic ones, and well my reviews are attached along with PICS, so here we go, Campus Rock Idols 07 National Finals....(please don't take them personally, and do not flood my blog with all your hate messages..this is just a personal opinion and keep yours to yourself..or blog about it in your personal space..)

The first band to perform....and well sing to a "Clean Mike"( perhaps, if SOS hadn't made it dirty the previous day) was Kolkata's Crystal and the Witchess....good originals..good medley cover and of course Megadeth's tight cover..but eh! there were bands in the whole competition who were in a totaly different league, ..nevertheless, good band...liked the Bassist and the Guitar Riffs, hated when the Solo of For Whom the Bell Tolls on the Keyboards wasn't audible....

The Second Band..Camouflage from Kolkata. Nothing much to say about..just too many questions.....why .,...how...what......I mean...why..how..what....how did they..I mean..manage to get here ....Historical Blindness...Revolution...ETV Bangla Rock translated in Engleeesh,....God..this band totaly sucked...much more than a Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner...Pathetic...I mean..for God's sake it is the National Finals..not some Mohalla Stuff being sponsored by Brahmi Amla Kesh Tel..

The Third Band..and it felt...Now we are rolling.......this was here to Rock us out..they announced Public Issue from Chennai ...and the crowd went ..Anna ..Anna..(brother in Tamil for starters)...and boss, they went wild..started with an O.C. ( !Xobile) . If you haven't watched the college-circuit famous Russell Peters standup comedy show, there is nothing much I can do about it. But if you have seen it, (I guess, majority of the crowd had)you'd definitely get immersed in the punk groove. The bassist was absolutely slapping, flapping...doing whatever.....and the Band was just Kick Ass...true Punk...

The Second Song was a cover..Green Tinted Sixties Mind by Mr.Big...and man, the guitarist can do something..I was wondering , how the hell he could see where his fingers were from behind those long hair he had....the Vocalist wasn't that outstanding, but he more than made it up by his comic presence...the drummer was like a Classically trained percussionist..(my impression, u may differ, that's ok)..Another original..very funk and punk, but well nothing that I can take home...can't remember the song..only that it had a tinge of Carnatic Music..according to me..Public Issue

Well the next band came , they sang and they conquered....the National Winners...this year..FTN from Delhi...Absolut Thrash..(Metal that is).. felt like a demi KORN was in the house..
Very tight...absolute Headbanger's ball..funny story...bouncers saying.."Shanti main MOSH karo"..hehehe......Undisputed Heavyweight Champions of CRI 07( partly because Brute Force didn't perform this year..), FTN..I wonder what tht means....Bhaiya Kismat to dekhiye..they r gonna open for Maiden on March 17th at Palace Grounds, Bangalore....a feat even Parikrama would kill for....I don't mean to demean them in any way..(big Parikrama fan myself)....hmm...
Update: Parikrama is opening for Maiden in Bangy...yipppeeee

Guess the next band,...SOS from Pune..the less spoken, the better..already forums in ORKUT have been overflowed with hate messages...they do have a fan following..if you may say so...eh! don't care to write about their "SET"...next please...

(OK, I forgot to click the Gujju Band's PIC..big sin...sorry..very timepass band.)

Next Band..System House 33 from Indore...Thrash Metal...I personally don't dig this kinda music..but after FTN..well , I was ready to take a chance on it..They started on quite a low note...well especially after FTN did such a tight set...the vocalist did seem to me like a dedicated Pantera Fan......and well I was estimating his monthly shampoo bill, and I was suddenly hit by the dhadam dhadam of the double bass pedal....and all I could see around was heads swaying...I like em' no doubt..but eh!...'twas quite repetetive after a while....good band...I guess, but not quite appealing music to me....I loved the cymbals though...and the double bass...baaki ...have already forgotten...

Next Band..wht was the name...do I even care...started with Pearl Jam's Alive....cloned Eddie Vader ...to the T...even in Coldplay's Yellow..one question though....If they opened with the lines...Any Led Zepp fans in the house....why did they end up singing..Coldplay for heaven's sake....
Can't recollect their OC....Thank God..Surprisingly, they became Runners Up...Who were the judges again,,,..anyways..jantaa janardhan dug it it seemed...
personally, seemed like a College Gig to me..not at all at a National Level....

So that was CRI'07...

Oh How can I forget ...that a band had to come all the way from Finland to show how crap they were...Crumbland...

Started off with Green Day( please, not at all a sissy band, try listening to Jesus of Suburbia, or St.Jimmy, amazing lyrics)..the sound was good, thanks to the guy at the console....the band was pretty average...Parikrama is any day million times better....may be they bribed DNA guys...SHUT UP SUJOY....CRI '07..ok ok..Public Issue was good...so was FTN...baaki thanda...bole to Coca Cola...

Peace,...Out...waiting for the Maiden GIG...obviously not for FTN...lol

PICS Courtesy: my new MotoRazr V3i...hahaa I got a RAZR.....my roomie has a NOKIA 1100...hahaha..I guess after reading this, he'll kick me out of the house..and buy a Nokia N-Series...what was the topic again???


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Chris Sligh--the one to watch out

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Is Chris Sligh the rumored curly-haired 'Idol' favorite ?

Chris SlighThe rumors about a "curly-haired" boy have been circulating for weeks. According to the Idol judges, this curly-haired boy is "the one to beat" in this year's Idol competition.

And Tuesday night in Birmingham, we met Chris Sligh, a Jack Osbourne doppelganger, with a full head of "Justin Guarini" curls.
Could he be the "chosen one" they speak of?

In Entertainment Weekly, Randy Jackson said this year's winner would be "someone with curly hair." Simon said that one guy who stood out from the crowd, "has what I call the likability factor. He's not what I would call the typical American Idol because he's different... but everyone liked him.'' In the New York Post, Paula Abdul described the judges' favorite guy as someone resembling magician Penn Jillette.

Chris Sligh is extremely likable, and funny, and has that fabled "curly hair." He does resemble Penn Jillette in this photo on his website. And Chris certainly doesn't fit Simon's idea of what a "typical" American Idol looks like.

[Start rant] Of course, Simon is starting to piss me off. He keeps yammering about this one and that one not looking like a "typical" Idol. So far, our Idols (besides Carrie Underwood) have had very diverse looks. The American public doesn't seem to want Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson clones. And I just wish that after five seasons, Simon would admit that you don't have to look like a generic-blond-anorexic-Hollywood-sex-symbol in order to win American Idol. And he should stop acting surprised that Americans actually like contestants that don't fit his narrow preconceived idea of what an Idol looks like.[End of rant]

As far as Chris Sligh being the curly-haired guy to win this thing, who really knows? Even if he is the judges' favorite, he still needs to impress the American public. I know from the buzz on the internet that some of you are already won over by Chris. What about the rest of you? Do you think Chris Sligh is Top 12 material? Could Chris Sligh be the next American Idol?
Now in the top 24 of the Season 6 of American Idol, Chris Sligh is very cool. Check this out.


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