CAT 2007

2nd last of Sunday, every year,for the last three years has unfolded a different kind of drama for me. It is that day when I rub my eyes and wake up to the sweet sound of my alarm which takes me by surprise ,because it had never been SET to do so, in the last one year. Anyway, the drama continues as I rush to the loo, take my shower and get dressed in 5 minutes flat,only to realise that I haven't brushed me teeth. All this rush is just because I don't wanna get my ass kicked out, well before the IIMs do so. No idea about the venue whatsoever, I rush to the autostand to find out 5 auto-drivers debating over the Indian team performance and who should be the next Indian skipper.
Indeed,cricket is a religion.I somehow manage to convince one of the drivers to rush me to the exam venue and I managed to get there in time.

The drama gets a bit more interesting once we reach the venue. The intensity in the carbon-framed eyes, the girls biting nails and the sheer effort just to check out the seating arrangement on the blackboard. Aah! it gives me a gush of nostalgia how it used to be in school(Engg. was a different story altogether).I think to myself, approximately 1000 people are appearing from this venue out of which apparently,only 0.01% might get through which itself is quite an optimistic estimation.The gates open and we all enter making perfectly streamlined queues to avoid pushing and pulling, and well clashes of groins.Sorry. The utter confusion in the eyes searching for the right building, the right floor, the right classroom and then,it boils down to the right desk. You just got to be there to experience the FUN. Given the intelligent guy that I am, got my seat at the first try. Seated at the 3rd desk from both front and back in the 3rd row from the desk. A combination of 3-3-3.9 hasn't been quite a lucky number for me.

The twist in the tale starts when a girl sits down in the 4th row, at 180 degrees to me,ie at the 3rd desk.Add to that, a burgunty dyed gal enters the classroom, and of all places, she is destined to sit right infront of me,on the 2nd desk of the 3rd row. I have a very sensitive nose, and well, I can smell her Garnier Fructis. I think to myself,GOSH! my CAT is screwed. I lean to get her name from her ADMIT CARD and I managed to do so.Yippeee! Just when I tried to ger number, my guilty conscience rebuked me to get back to my exam frame of mind and remember the reminder theory. Phtphtpht!!!!!! (Fill that up with the worst abuse you can think of!)

The drama isn't done yet. The invigilators are distributing the answersheets, and over the speakers installed in the classroom, the supervisor announces ,"Invigilators, ARE YOU OVER WITH THE DISTRIBUTION?". I laughed out my intestines. That silly lady doesn't know ,it's only one way! The laughter stopped and I realised in embarassment that the entire classroom was staring at me ,including my Garnier Fructis lady! Whoopsie Daysies! All this embarassment dissolves in a mobile ringing just behind me.Thank Sweet mother of Lord. The invigilator instructs strictly,"Switch OFF your mobile phones and keep it at the Front Desk". Someone doesn't trust the front desk. And well he keeps it on the top of the class cupboard. Hmm. The guy whose mobile was ringing, asks, "Ma'am,what about my wallet?" I can't take the drama anymore further. It's time for me to concentrate. The bell has rung, and its time to open the Question Paper. Aah. I've got set 3-3-3. 9 isn't my lucky number.

P.S. I screwed it all up. English:46,DI:26,QA:12
Breaking News: Sujoy is officially out of the CAT race.