The camera flashes and the red carpets
The tube shows the psychopaths and the wannabe starlets
The dark subways and the crime busted sage
hidden cameras and spy cam footage
Grabbing everyone's eyeballs is that what's it about
Hold on,this was supposed to be News , not everyone's place to SHOUT

Calm down Mayawati, or you'll choke to death
The jungle is filled with equal beasts, and as I said
calm down, you'll all get your chance to feed
Upon your favorite feast , the vocal lead
Look,learn from Mr.Vajpayee
not from the other guys who shout so high
How he makes his point so clear
But his speech has a lag of 5 mins, I fear

Anyway I was talking about News
But it only seems to get dumbed down by dumbass views
Look at Rajat Sharma's 'mole' India TV
Looks like Sex-Ed classroom for u to see
Breaking News :Rakhi Sawant back in Big Brother
Can we dumb down even further be continued...( you want it to,don't you?)

PIC Courtesy: Abhiroop