Protest for Nandigram

We are Indians. We take pride in our democracy. And my head bows down with shame when it comes to talk of the events that have swept the nation last weekend. While the entire nation was busy celebrating Diwali ,innocent people at Nandigram,West Bengal were met with what can only be termed barbaric. And yes, this is still, what we'd all forget soon, coz it was yesterday's headlines. Is it really that easy for us to forget? What if it was to happen with our own dear ones,our own families? For those who aren't aware of the entire Nandigram chapter, go to this link here. Do human lives come that cheap, or has the industrialist veil blindfolded the human eye and filled it with the insatiable thirst for wealth at the cost of anything,even the life of his own brother? Let us all protest against this brutality and join forces and make our leaders notice that it is we who build this Nation. As a sign of this protest, let us all put up a black image as the one above, on our blogs,websites, social media profiles etc. Let us make them know, that " Cholche ..Cholbei...ekhon aar..Cholbe Naa"( Has been going so, Will go in the same way.....It won't go so anymore!!!!").

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